Monday, November 29, 2010

Fortune Cookies...

During our recent trip to SF I knew I wanted to eat in Chinatown and Yelp has become my go to for recommendations. I have heard of R&G's but wanted an alternative to the $40 salt and pepper crab and maybe something more like a local favorite and right away noticed the reviews for Hunan Homes. I was sold. I already knew I wanted Sizzling rice soup and orange peel chicken days before we even left on our trip. I also found a coupon for it so it was obviously the perfect choice.


Orange Peel Chicken

The restaurant was only a short walk from our hotel which was again, perfect. So far this was working our great. The food did not disappoint once we got there and were sat, with no wait. We started with the potstickers and the sizzling rice soup.  The sizzling rice soup was very good, but not amazing. The pot stickers came to the table lightly fried which was just perfect.  We had to make our own sauce for the potstickers, but our server pointed out all the sauce components that were already on the table so it worked out ok, not to spicy but plenty of flavor.  Potstickers were delicious.  Next we chose the orange peel chicken and Mongolian beef as entrees.  The Mongolian beef had a lot of great flavor but was just a little bit on the spicy side for me, the beef was juicy and not overcooked so I decided a runny nose was worth it.  The orange chicken was lightly fried and had a delicious sauce that was not too sweet or too spicy as orange chicken can sometimes be.  The chicken was tender and moist and had just enough orange peel taste.  We ordered the Yang Chow fried rice on the side, good, but not impressed.

The service was ok, not overly friendly but got the job done. Then something happened that I'll never forget. I took out the coupon and laid it on the table for our server to have as he prepared our bill. A few seconds later a different server came over and placed the bill on the table and seeming somewhat annoyed said that he had included our coupon. He did in fact, and we paid and even left a few extra dollars tip on top of the 18% included gratuity. Then we waited a minute or so. Our bill got picked up and we waited another minute. Are you kidding me, am I not getting a fortune cookie and little orange slices like every other table in this Restaurant?! Apparently our coupon was so grievous that they saw fit to rob me of my fortune. This hurt my Chinese food loving lil heart, but not enough to keep me from coming back if I'm ever in the area.  The food was overall delicious and i would love to try out some other offerings on the menu.  And a short walk through Chinatown allowed me to buy my own personal bag of fortune cookies!
Good fortune awaits me in my future.

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